My dog is my muse.

Guff is my English bulldog/pug mix rescue gremlin. He is my favorite thing to draw. He is also the boss of me. So while this illustration, which I sell on shirts and prints, is not technically client work, I’m counting it.

English Bullpug Illustration

Wikimedia 2016 Annual Report illustrations.

The illustrations accompanied 10 key facts from Wikimedia’s 2016 annual report. For instance, did you know that “Okay” is the most widely understood word in the world, or that half of refugees are school aged?

WMF annual report illustrations

2016 Digital trends illustrations

Created for The OutCast Agency‘s 2016 digital trend report, these clean line drawings represent tech topics like VR, drones, and self-driving cars.

Digital trends illustrations

Rejected moon creatures.

These little moon monsters are part of a rejected concept for a motiongraphic. Rejected or not, I think they’re out of this world.

Space alien illustrations

Shut the fuck up for a second.

St. Fufas started as an inside joke with coworkers and became a print and merch. He’s a combination of Medieval woodcut, hand sketching, and vector illustration. He’s also proof that if we work together long enough, I will end up illustrating or Photoshopping our jokes.

St. Fufas illustration

Happy Howlidays

I told you. Guff is my favorite thing to draw. It’s Guffmas all year round in my heart.

Illustration of Guff in front of a holiday-decorated fireplace
Illustration of Guff with presents
Guff tangled up in Christmas lights