John Hanawalt, Designer.

⟶ I’m John. I think the most important design tool is a good question. I work with folks who give a damn. I write about how designers can do better work and be better people. I'm here to hand out lollipops and make great design, and I'm all out of lollipops.


Most designers are boring. They'll use this space to tell you about their creative process instead of finding out what matters to you. They worry about pixel perfection instead of solving problems. They do what you tell them even when they know it won't get you the results you're after. I'm the most helpful trouble maker you'll ever work with. 

Notice how I ended that sentence with a preposition? Yeah, I meant to do that. We live in a pixel imperfect world, and designers who are precious about work and ideas aren't going to get theirs or yours out in the world as effectively. 

I think and work quickly and openly. I don't hole myself up in my beautiful MCM coworking space until every detail is perfect. I collaborate. I ask for feedback, which I'm pretty big on. I'm open to being proven wrong because I'm confident that with the help of my team (and yes, clients are a part of the team), we'll come up with a solution in the end. The results will be beautiful, but more importantly they'll be right. 

If you're looking for a design partner or team leader who's also a team player, email me to get a conversation going. 

An incomprehensive list of skills:

  • Persuasive and entertaining writing, which you have just experienced for yourself.
  • Retail-worker-on-Christmas-Eve levels of professionalism when it comes to handling client relationships and balancing demands of the job.  
  • Confident public speaking and engaging workshop facilitation.
  • Creative Suite and enough HTML, CSS, JQuery, and WordPress knowledge to get a website live—or at least make a real developer's work a little easier.
  • Mentorship of more junior designers and fluency in designer-to-non-designer translation.
  • Oh, yeah, beautiful visual designs

You can see my full qualifications on LinkedIn.